Monday, February 28, 2011

Currently Coveting: More Colored Tights

Last year I ordered several pairs of colored tights from We Love Colors after reading about them online.  I love the colors I got (lilac, ivory, medium blue) and now wish I had even more.  Cue photos:

From left to right: maroon, light pink, gold, olive green.
I prefer the nylon/lycra mix tights, as they're sturdier and are opaque, whereas some tights are thin enough your skin tone shows through. I never really realized how much fun tights are, or how much they can add to an outfit (especially if you have to wear a dress but want a little extra insulation!).  For instance:

Munch just can't be left out anything!

Jacket: 100% genuine lambskin with real fox fur collar, thrifted (Goodwill, $7.50).  Dress: thrifted (Goodwill, $2.50).  Tights: We Love Colors. Boots: Kohl's.  Flower: handmade.

This was what I wore to our Valentine's date.  I matched the blue from the tights, one of those homemade ribbon flowers, and the necklace Nate gave me for Christmas.  And after I brought it home, I found out this jacket is worth about $175 on eBay.  Oie.

*This post is simply because I like tights and have had good luck from We Love Colors.  They did not sponsor this post nor am I receiving compensation of any kind.  Just FYI.*

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