Monday, April 25, 2011


Annnnnnnnd.... because I have time tonight, here's post #2!  I picked up a couple of really cute summer dresses over the last month and I managed to get pictures of a few of them.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of the one I wore this weekend.

Nate made me practice my "runway walk".

Dress: Thifted, Plato's Closet ($6). Shoes: umm... ages ago? Purse: Thrifted, Goodwill ($1). Necklace: Christmas gift from Nate.  Peek-a-boo cat: rescue (priceless).
Let's put it this way... The first time I wore one of these, I got hit on by a grocery store employee.  The second time I noticed a bunch of middle aged men staring at me all the time and a few quiet comments when I was the next aisle over.  The third time, the cashier at Goodwill very kindly told me I should consider contacts (implication: I was very pretty, and if I ditched the glasses he wanted a date :p).
After many years and some "self-esteem reprogramming" by my sweetheart, I can accept these compliments for what they are, and not get too flustered over it.  It's actually a confidence booster.  Who wouldn't want to be told they're beautiful?  Then I can come home, tell Nate, and he can cuddle me and feel confident in his beautiful "catch".

Project: Complete!

Wow, I'm so excited I finally had time to finish a project, and not just dream up new ones!  I had a hectic couple of weeks at work and then on of Nate's good friends stayed with us for the last week, so needless to say free time was non-existent.

But tonight I finally got to sit down with the piles of fabric I've been accumulating to finish a project.  You ready for this?
Munch's new favorite hang-out.
Recycled sweater quilt #2 is complete!  I bought some beautiful cranberry fleece from Jo-Ann's with a 50% off coupon so the back only cost something like $4.  The sweaters were <$10 total, and I still have a bit of each left.

I wanted to go with a very different color scheme than the pink one I had first made here.  Granted these are for gifts, but a dark gray/burgundy colored blanket is so much more my color tone than pink.  Plus I learned a few things from my first attempt which made this quilt a LOT easier (hint: don't use super thick wool and thin merino next to each other!).

And you can see that my adorable little Munch monster has already claimed the blanket as his.  I laid it down on the floor and I literally did not have time to grab my camera before he sat on it.  *sigh*  Good thing this blanket's recipient isn't allergic.

Friday, April 15, 2011

What I've Been Working On

What's this?  I actually made progress on a project?  Yeah, graduate school has been kicking my butt and not leaving a lot of time for fun things, like hacking fabric apart to make soft and squishy things.  I did make a cute little turtle that didn't take very long at all.  In fact, I think I like him so much I'll make a few more, or go with an underwater theme, and maybe put together a mobile for my sister's soon-to-be-baby.

I've also successfully finished piecing together my second sweater quilt!  I haven't put the backing on it yet, but the important parts are all there.

This was made by cutting apart four 100% merino sweaters, and I picked the softest ones I could find at that.  There was the black argyle, a nice GAP striped but had too many holes to wear, a burgundy one full of holes, and a dark charcoal gray.  Hey, if Goodwill wants to sell holey sweaters for $0.15 on sale, I won't say no!

Also, thank you to Resweater's blog for giving me this idea and for having a lot of inspiring ideas in general.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I've been far too busy with graduate school and recovering from mono to post anything, or to do any crafting (and hence have cool projects worth sharing).  So instead I'll just share some cool pictures I snagged off the web as inspiration.  *insert legal stuff here... I don't tag where I find this stuff, most is from Etsy or google image searches*

Actually, the last one is from Resweater.  I just love the expression on that monster face!