Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Night Wonder

Last night I sat down to sew, and with the inspiration from my growing folder of cute pictures, decided to make a rabbit.  The websites link back to a tutorial, but it basically just says "Cut two rabbit shapes and four ear shapes and sew."  Which I kinda got down.

I had this beautiful variegated blue sweater I picked up in the giant Goodwill haul that I wanted to upcycle so much.  So in one night I sat down and sewed:

a sleepy bunny!  I started with layered buttons, like a lot of crafters online are doing, but I don't have many buttons and I wasn't sure I liked it.  So the other side is a dainty closed eye.

Then of course the fiance fell in love with it and wanted another one, so there became a Second One Night Wonder Sleepy Bunny in purple:

It's sleepy on both sides!  Definitely a good friend for Mr. Munch.

and he's ecstatically happy.  I'm wondering if I should go ahead and make my super soft white angora thifted sweater into a bunny.
Let me emphasize the CORRECT sequence of steps.  Not that I'd make any mistakes over an over again, right?
1. Cut out your pieces.  Phew, that was easy.
2. Sew the ears (and/or extra limbs, etc) right side to right side.  Don't sew them 100% shut.  Turn them inside out and make sure they look good.
3. Line them up with your two body pieces, which should be right side to right side.  Put the long part of the ears INSIDE THE BODY or you will be very disappointed. Same goes with any legs, etc.
4. Sew shut.  Remember that opening to turn it inside out!  And hey, 1" is not enough unless you want to be there for 15min worrying about ripping your cloth.  Leave 2-3", even if it seems wasteful.
5. The rest is semantics.  Stuff and sew and enjoy.  At least it will look like a rabbit!

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