Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Sweater Project: Monster

Check this out!  I love the contrast of the dark patterned blue wool and the bright orange fabric.  You can see how the original artist constructed it on her blog, The Sweater Project.

The knotted little demon tail is the perfect touch!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Geek Alert: Gaming Quilt

As though I don't have enough ideas running around in my head and not enough time to do them, guess what I found a few nights ago while internet searching?  Ahhhh!  Want to make one so badly!

Eeeeeek!  I especially love the underwater one with Mario in a froggie suit as a pillow.  God, Super Mario 3 was the best game ever.  Also, I am rather disappointed in the lack of Link quilts online.  SNES Zelda was the only one I owned and played to completion and it still holds a fond place in my heart.  I think a master sword quilt is in order.

Also, Nate saw these and went googley eyed at them.  Here is one craft he will whole-heartedly endorse.  He wants a Kirby.

Why can't Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind have something so easily translated to quilt form?  I lived that game for over three years...  It makes me sad there is no pixelated memorial to it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Book sale!

Saturday was Nate's birthday so that kept me pretty busy all weekend (we started celebrating on Friday night by going out for ice cream).  However, I would love to share some awesome tidbits about the used book sale in town.

Once a year a local group holds this huge used book sale with materials donated throughout the year, with proceeds going to charity/non-profit.  The books aren't as cheap as the ones from the huge used book sale back home, but hey, how often do you get to enter an animal arena filled to bursting with books?

Besides my usual large haul of fantasy books, I picked up this amazing book I never knew about.  Quilting with the Muppets!  The coolest thing about this book, other than the Muppets of course, is that they actually do the patterns in 3D.  Fozzie and Cookie Monster are done with faux fur, and they have tips and suggestions for making Kermit sort of "pop" out of the page, and Gonzo's nose actually protrudes and hangs out of his quilt square.  There will definitely be a Muppet themed project in the future.

BTW: not being engaged in social activities until I hit college may have been rough on my people skills, but the fantasy section of the book sale was like memory lane.  I'd read SO many of those books and authors!  I kept exclaiming out awesome titles to Nate who, as soon as he decides he wants to read a book, will be drowned in awesome titles.  And I'm only introducing him to the GOOD STUFF.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Microwavable Heaters

As it turns out, I actually completed two more projects that I didn't post about because I was so eager to give them away to friends I forgot to take pictures!  For many years my family has used flax seed filled sacks as microwavable heaters as an alternative to hot water bottles.  They can also go in the freezer as a cold pack.  Since this winter was the closest thing to a real winter I've had yet in PA, everyone else thought it was the next ice age and complained they were cold!

I made all my friends hand warmers, but a few got much larger sacks for sleeping with.  I also cut bits from colored sweaters so they looked better than a plain beige sack.

The one on the left is a sunflower, made to match my friend's sunflower decor in her room.  The one on the right is just a colorful pink/red flower with leaves.  The sack is actually a section of a pair of slacks, so two sides of the bag were already sewn for me (Goodwill $0.15 pants, I might add).  These were a ton of fun, really easy to make, and my friends LOVED them.  It feels good to be handy and to make things that are useful and appreciated.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Call the internet search hounds!

I need help finding a few things on the internet, and for some reason finding proper search terms has always been a weakness of mine.  Consciousness behind the internet, can you help?

I want to put together a Halloween costume like a Mesmer from Guild Wars (a video game).  In particular I liked these armor sets.

These armor sets are generally characterized by: the long overcoat that holds itself out from the body and open; thigh high boots or velveteen stockings; detailing, corset structure, or embroidery about the chest and midriff; full length sleeves, often with embellished cuffs or a flare at the wrist; and a neck band or ruff.

Here's the biggest problem.  I don't see any gowns like this when searching, I find a lot of Victorian gowns or generic renaissance but nothing that is open and holds itself open.  Is this style of gown called something?  Does anyone know a good set of search terms?

Although I don't know how to read patterns, my only other thought is to try and find a gown pattern, cut out the front and put a thicker electrical wire all through the hem to hold it in place.  Suggestions?