Monday, February 7, 2011

Sewing maniac!

So check it out, I have now completed THREE more projects.  This recycled sweater thing is really addicting.  First, I took the sleeves left over from all the pink sweaters that became a quilt, and stitched them together into a very warm scarf.
I trimmed it with a rich purple velveteen salvaged from a $0.29 Goodwill item.  I love the flare at the end of the scarf where the sleeves met the shoulder seam.
Second was the hat: also a recycled sleeve.

It's sewn into the shape of a wizard's hat and bordered with what used to be the sweater's hem.

But what's my favorite?  It's a ladybug!
I made all my friends these microwavable warmers for Christmas and then saw that a bunch of people were selling inferior quality ones on Etsy.  Seriously... corn filler?  And if it gets wet?  Best bet is popcorn, worst is a lot of mold AND popcorn.  These are stuffed with seeds instead of corn, for a very fine filler without any edges or lumps.

Maybe I need to sell these on Etsy, hmmm?  Animal suggestions welcome!

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  1. I love the sweater-recycling concept. Might just have to try that out.

    And your warmer insight is why crafty + science-y is the perfect combo. :) Any round-ish animal could work well -- penguins, frogs...