Monday, February 21, 2011

Opinion: stuffed sheep

I want to make a stuffed sheep for a good friend, and I already got some of the fake sheepskin/shearling by buying a big sweater made of the stuff from Goodwill for $0.15.  It's a dark burgandy red, which is kinda different, but I think it will be fun.  I also have a dark brown.

Here's where your help comes in.  Does anyone have an opinion on what kind of style might be better?  Easier?  Here's a bunch of sheep pics I grabbed from the internet.  I don't have any pattern, and will probably be freehanding it, unless someone has a stuffed sheep pattern laying around.  (Really? Doesn't everyone?)

As you can see, some are more cartoonsih, while others are more lifelike.  Things you like?  Don't like?  Recommendations?  Thanks in advance.

p.s. At my Goodwill extravaganza I picked up over 40 items for crafting/selling.  If you or anyone you know wants to upcycle sweaters I have a ton of really nice merino wool, lambswool, a few angora, and one Shetland wool sweater.  Post and pics coming soon.

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