Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweater Sale!

It's finally up and running!  After bringing back two giant bags full of fine wool items for upcycling, a lot of typing and picture taking, I got most of the lot listed online at Artsfire!  There's three main groups listed: fine merino wool (very soft, usually thin as compared to the usual thick woolen sweater), lambswool, and wool.  There are a few angora sweaters and shetland wool mixed in.  A fair number are in perfect condition and from popular brands like J. Crew, GAP, and Banana Republic.
Please take a moment and check it out if you're at all interested in upcycling sweaters for craft projects.  I do combine shipping and any order of 4 or more sweaters gets a flat shipping rate.

Also, if you can help pass the word, I'd really appreciate it.  This is an experiment for me and I put a fixed investment to see how round one goes.  As a graduate student, earning even $100 is a big deal.  That's a lot of groceries!

So please, send it on, share it around, and pass the word.  And if anyone needs a particular type of item I can always keep my eyes peeled.  I have found a cashmere sweater about once every other trip, which I think is pretty good!
The wool sweaters.

The super fine merino wool sweaters.

The lambswool sweaters.

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