Saturday, March 5, 2011

WIP: Bear skin rug

Remember that hideous faux fur coat I got at the thrift store for <$1?  Last night it began its journey towards freedom (and looking a little less hideous.  First I hacked it up and cut out the pieces.

Already attracting the attention of the resident furball, as you can see.  Due to the size of the coat and a couple wrong scissor strokes I had to improvise on the pattern.  I sewed up the head and muzzle and attached them to the body, which was actually much easier to do than expected.

You can kinda see the shape of the head emerging.  I had enough time to make the ears and sew them to the head, which was actually quite annoying.  One is still bigger than the other, but I'm hoping no one notices ;).

Still to go: eyes, nose, claws, tail, stuffing, and backing.  This requires a trip to Jo-Ann's as I don't have the material, but hey, doesn't this look vaguely bear-like?

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