Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Because of spring break Nate didn't have to work this morning, which meant we got to go downtown for lunch.  Not wanting to feel like a grungy lab rat, I got dressed up so I could enjoy the day with him.

Sweater: gift (100% cashmere!!). Tank: Kohl's. Skirt: Um..? Purse: thrifted (Goodwill, $1).

I got this skirt years ago and never really wore it because it was pink, and I hated pink.  Funny how times change.  Also, the orange fuzzball couldn't stand the fact that he wasn't the center of attention, so he made himself part of the pictures.

"Pick me up!  I'm supposed to be the center of attention!"

"That's better.  Now keep scratching, and don't let me down until dinner time."
At least I always get an enthusiastic greeting when I come home from work each day :).

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