Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I've Been Working On

Is actually quite a lot!  I finally got plastic safety eyes in the mail and got the big 20mm ones added to my bear rug, as well as stitching on a faux leather nose (note: this is WAY harder than it sounds).  I still have to make some claws and sew on the liner; pics when it's done, promise.

I also finished up two more microwavable heat packs, this time as a monster head and a snake.

Both are made out of fabric scraps or recycled sweaters from Goodwill.  The funky eyes are made of felt and done crooked on purpose.  The fiance actually had to ask me if I intended it that way *rolls eyes*.

As sort of a funny story, the fiance also bought 12 bars of Irish Spring soap because he had run out, but apparently didn't buy the kind he was used to.  He now has 12 bars of "cleansing scrub" soap with sand and gravel and rusty nails and bits of iron filings in them for that extra exfoliating action.  The first time he washed up he got out of the shower with pink skin and visible lines down his arms!

In steps my friend the internet, and reveals there are "soap scrubbies," wool soap liners that let the suds out but keep the soap in.  He insisted it have a "manly" decoration on it: no flowers or birds, but wouldn't tell me what.  Ok my manly man with extra iron in his soap... you get a big red X.

What a manly, tough guy decoration!

I'll let you know if it works!

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