Monday, May 2, 2011

Call the internet search hounds!

I need help finding a few things on the internet, and for some reason finding proper search terms has always been a weakness of mine.  Consciousness behind the internet, can you help?

I want to put together a Halloween costume like a Mesmer from Guild Wars (a video game).  In particular I liked these armor sets.

These armor sets are generally characterized by: the long overcoat that holds itself out from the body and open; thigh high boots or velveteen stockings; detailing, corset structure, or embroidery about the chest and midriff; full length sleeves, often with embellished cuffs or a flare at the wrist; and a neck band or ruff.

Here's the biggest problem.  I don't see any gowns like this when searching, I find a lot of Victorian gowns or generic renaissance but nothing that is open and holds itself open.  Is this style of gown called something?  Does anyone know a good set of search terms?

Although I don't know how to read patterns, my only other thought is to try and find a gown pattern, cut out the front and put a thicker electrical wire all through the hem to hold it in place.  Suggestions?


  1. I would definitely try looking for "gothic coat" or "goth coat for women". Goth wear searches turned up things that look pretty similar to those coats, although more than likely you'll have to make it stand away from the body with some wire yourself.