Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Microwavable Heaters

As it turns out, I actually completed two more projects that I didn't post about because I was so eager to give them away to friends I forgot to take pictures!  For many years my family has used flax seed filled sacks as microwavable heaters as an alternative to hot water bottles.  They can also go in the freezer as a cold pack.  Since this winter was the closest thing to a real winter I've had yet in PA, everyone else thought it was the next ice age and complained they were cold!

I made all my friends hand warmers, but a few got much larger sacks for sleeping with.  I also cut bits from colored sweaters so they looked better than a plain beige sack.

The one on the left is a sunflower, made to match my friend's sunflower decor in her room.  The one on the right is just a colorful pink/red flower with leaves.  The sack is actually a section of a pair of slacks, so two sides of the bag were already sewn for me (Goodwill $0.15 pants, I might add).  These were a ton of fun, really easy to make, and my friends LOVED them.  It feels good to be handy and to make things that are useful and appreciated.

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