Monday, April 25, 2011

Project: Complete!

Wow, I'm so excited I finally had time to finish a project, and not just dream up new ones!  I had a hectic couple of weeks at work and then on of Nate's good friends stayed with us for the last week, so needless to say free time was non-existent.

But tonight I finally got to sit down with the piles of fabric I've been accumulating to finish a project.  You ready for this?
Munch's new favorite hang-out.
Recycled sweater quilt #2 is complete!  I bought some beautiful cranberry fleece from Jo-Ann's with a 50% off coupon so the back only cost something like $4.  The sweaters were <$10 total, and I still have a bit of each left.

I wanted to go with a very different color scheme than the pink one I had first made here.  Granted these are for gifts, but a dark gray/burgundy colored blanket is so much more my color tone than pink.  Plus I learned a few things from my first attempt which made this quilt a LOT easier (hint: don't use super thick wool and thin merino next to each other!).

And you can see that my adorable little Munch monster has already claimed the blanket as his.  I laid it down on the floor and I literally did not have time to grab my camera before he sat on it.  *sigh*  Good thing this blanket's recipient isn't allergic.

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