Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My new craft center!

I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on supplies, but I needed a space I could work that wasn't limited to the 8" in front of my keyboard at my computer desk.  I finally found a perfect desk for my needs at the surplus store for only $25.  It not only has tons of desk space, it has a shelf unit, an overhead light, and a bulletin board as a back.  It doesn't come with drawers, but that means I can add my own of any size.

You can see the sewing machine I picked up used for $50 and the various wonderful Christmas gifts I got from family and friends.  There's lots of scrap fabric, old clothes I got from Goodwill for $0.29/each, scarves, and more.  I have a spool rack, felt, a pin cushion, and all sorts of useful goodies.  Note I've had the desk for 2 days and it's already cluttered.  I need to get an organizational system in place and soon.

Having all the supplies made me so eager to sew, I got a new fuzzy thing done in only 2 days!  It's so much better than the ongoing Toothless disaster, and the addition of the sewing machine made it go so much faster.  I was going for a fantasy fiery horse/Apollo's chariot horse sort of thing, but I think it looks more cow-like in proportion.

The body is made of white fleece, the mane and tail of featherlash yarn salvaged from a thrifted scarf, orange felt for the hooves and blaze, and beads for the eyes.  For a second creation ever, I think it turned out well!

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