Monday, January 24, 2011

Craft extravaganza

I went to Goodwill today and OH MY GOODNESS apparently people have been cleaning out their closets of a lot of high quality clothes after Christmas.  Not only did I see a lot of nice name brand things (some for the teens: Hollister, A&F, American Eagle, etc.) but also a lot of Christopher & Banks, great woven jackets and interview coats.  There were so many genuine leather jackets and blazers there it was unbelievable.

I started sorting all the 100% cashmere-, wool-, lambswool- type sweaters and had a quarter of a rack before I quit, and I didn't even check all the long sleeve racks.  After sorting through them and preferentially picking out the ones at 50% off ($2.50/ea), I have enough to make two patchwork quilts.

I've never made a quilt before, and this will be my first official attempt at upcycling clothes.  If these turn out well, I'll be torn between keeping them, starting an Etsy store, or giving them away to my bridesmaids come August.  First thing's first, I need to hack them up and start sewing!

Pictures to come.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for making this quilt work better, be softer, anything, please comment.

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