Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mmmm, ponies

So after seeing so many plush ponies based on the tv show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I started watching the show myself.  It's actually quite good, and I was expecting very little from it.  I like the variety of characters and the cool coloring and mane/tail styles.

I've already made three separate patterns for ponies: regular, long and tall, and filly.  I think of all of it, I actually like developing and testing my pattern the best.  I haven't been able to make more than one or two of a particular pattern before I charge off on another idea.

While I don't claim to be as talented as some of the folks out there, I have put some of my work out on eBay.  Check it out!
Rarity as a pegasus: $15
Wedding dress Rarity: $125
Filly Princess Luna: ongoing
Princess Celestia: ongoing
I'm really hopeful these two auctions will net me enough to buy a working sewing machine.  I've been manually cranking the drive shaft of my old machine because the motor is shot, but my fingers can't take much more of the strain.  I'm developing some crazy calluses, but that's not really why I'm driven to sew :p.

I've also gotten two commissions, such as they are (still working out details).  I'm so excited, I love being able to come home and do something that's so much fun, make money, and make others happy all at the same time.  Talk about the best hobby ever.  So yeah, if you know any huge MLP fans who might be interested in a plush, email me!  We can probably work something out :).

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