Thursday, January 19, 2012

The case of money

Long story short, I am currently sans paycheck, although not without a job.  This means I need to hurry up and graduate so I can earn money instead of burning through our future life-and-house-fund.

As it turns out, my hobbies could be earning some money WHILE keeping me sane, but the problem is reaching enough people.  I browse a lot of DeviantArt and there are some incredibly talented stuffed animal (plushie) makers.  It makes me feel like I could certainly earn something from my sewing, especially with very popular items like My Little Pony.

I have developed a pattern for a pony, as well as complete hair for Rarity.  I figure I can have ALL the hair styles done by the weekend and could sell either individual pony patterns or the whole lot as a discount.  I don't currently see any other quality patterns for sale.  Does anyone know how to get my ideas out there to reach a bigger audience?

Also, I have LOTS of cashmere sitting around.  I'd love to make some cashmere scarves, but again, they need to go somewhere.  Anyone feel like passing my name through their social network for recognition and/or commissions?

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