Thursday, September 22, 2011

Found: Super awesome and geeky crafts

So while browsing the internet I've been finding a wealth of amazingly cool, nerdy, and creative crafts.  I already made myself a Kirby plush (more coming later) but some of these are just amazing.

Particle Zoo is an effort by CERN and the folks working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to bring the world of particle physics into the realm of "cool", or at least populate professors' desks with awesome little plushies.  They have made versions of all the subatomic particles, which you can buy individually or in lots such as the "everyday matter" box, or "universe in a box" (includes everything but antiparticles).  They are even stuffed with different materials in accordance with their real weights!

My favorite of the Particle Zoo has to be the special particles.  I just about died seeing the flavor mixed neutrinos and the decaying quarks!  Well, I DID work with particle physicists, and do an entire project on the stuff.

It's a DNA scarf!  The free pattern can be found here, and it makes me really bummed I don't know how to knit!

Custom cat doll from Luna.
There's this lady in the Netherlands that makes custom dolls that look like your cat.  I love the ones of the long-haired kitties especially.  Some of them are so detailed!  Why is it so hard to find nice orange fur so I can make a version for myself of Munch?

This one isn't for me personally, but it seems pretty cool!  DNA 11 has you send in a cheek swab and they make wall art out of it!

I hope someone enjoyed this explosion of crazy crafts.  I am very serious about the Particle Zoo set though.  Every budding physicist needs one!

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